Information that gives you an edge

  • Insights and advanced knowledge within the flood of daily media response
  • Modular analysis and language services tailored to your needs 
  • Individual, personal support by experienced project managers 
  • Attractive cost to benefit ratio 


Added value from the floods of information

All the services which generate added value for our customers on the basis of the floods of information across all media channels (print, online, radio, TV, social media and news agencies) can be found in the Media Analysis section. By the means of different types and tools of communication controlling, company-specific and communication-related insights are gained to support you in your everyday business.


Media analysis

Central element to control your communication activities

Each one of your communication activities aims at a clear target! Whether it is in your media and public relations or in other areas of marketing and corporate communications. The monitoring and analysis of the output achieved is a central part of systematic and continuous communication controlling. The visualised insights gained from your media response analysis support the establishment and improvement of communications strategies or the reporting of results achieved through targeted communication and media work.


Individual analyses in a modular design

Media analyses are no standard products. Their content varies depending on the objectives regarding the necessary key figures and insights. A media response analysis takes places for specific business sectors, companies, brands, persons, products or services and the resulting images. An analysis can be conducted on only one occasion or over an extended period of time. You receive the results as a report or as an overview in the Media Cockpit, visually processed and commented.


Individual, personal support by experienced project managers

Proximity to our clients is our credo. Our Project managers accompany every step of the analysis, from the outline to the presentation of the results, and are available at all times to consult you.
Our services are based on the scientific principles of the content analysis, whereby long-term quality assurance can be guaranteed.

Sponsorship evaluation

Objective analysis – the key to success

We are an independent partner with over 20 years of experience in providing a solid basis for informed sponsorship decisions. Our clients include sponsors, rights holders and marketers. We use media analysis, market research and consultancy services to help sponsors to select an appropriate sponsorship platform, monitor their objectives and use the sponsorship medium effectively and efficiently. Rights holders and marketers use our data to show sponsors the benefits of sponsorship. They also use it for the acquisition of new partners and to provide assistance with contract negotiations and pricing. We provide the basis for successful sponsorship management.


Media analysis

The analysis of the coverage of a sponsorship platform and its sponsors in the media is an indispensable part of sponsorship evaluation. We measure the amount of media coverage of your sponsorship platform and provide you with information on the size of the audience reached. In order to assess the sponsor coverage, we evaluate quantitative and qualitative factors across all media (print, radio, TV, online and social media) and use it as the basis for calculating a realistic financial assessment of your sponsorship.




Market research

We examine the effect of your sponsorship activities on your target group in terms of awareness, affinity, image improvement and willingness to purchase. Our market research studies are tailored to your individual requirements, and they provide valuable insights for your strategy and action plans.



Our data-driven consultancy service ensures that we help you to optimise the use of your resources. We advise sponsors on strategy optimisation and the selection of sponsorship commitments, and we help rights holders and marketers to find potential sponsors. Our consultancy service converts data into specific measures and recommendations for action.


Your benefits

Our team has extensive expertise in sponsorship evaluation. We are well aware of the diverse requirements of our customers and can therefore provide bespoke advice and customised solutions. We apply a consistent methodology to all media types in accordance with international standards relating to the evaluation of sponsorship platforms and commitments. Our sponsorship evaluation service is neutral and objective, and therefore equally valuable for sponsors, associations and agencies.


Ad monitoring

Keep up with the world of advertising

We scour Swiss advertising on your behalf and analyse your daily coverage, and that of your competitors, in print advertisements. ARGUS ad monitoring provides you with up-to-date access to promotional activities in Switzerland. From one-off advertisements to national promotional campaigns, our advertising monitoring service provides comprehensive and essential information for your communication planning.


Fast and custom-made

We conduct bespoke advertising-related monitoring assignments throughout Switzerland and can cater for your every requirement, including point-of-sales investigations, direct mail surveys, and logo selection.