The future starts now

  • ARGUSavenue, the new all-in-one platform for traditional and digital media content
  • Efficient media monitoring, analysis, distribution and archiving of information
  • Assistance with communication workflow due to the integrated journalist database and press release delivery 
  • Cross-media filter and alert functions for quick focus 
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Media Intelligence – grouping, refining and distributing information

We view Media Intelligence as the provision of an individually customisable interface as a central information hub. Information from print, radio, TV, online and social media can be combined, processed, analysed, distributed and archived. We support you with a range of tried and tested functions and a clearly structured design. The platform is called ARGUSavenue. 
The all-in-one platform has been newly programmed from scratch and incorporates the proven expertise of ARGUS. This password-protected environment with a range of permission levels allows for targeted and efficient processing of a wide range of central communications tasks.



ARGUSavenue for increased Media Intelligence

The new ARGUSavenue all-in-one platform is a professional, efficient and comprehensive monitoring and information management tool that can cope with a multitude of complex customer requirements. 

It provides clear, centralised management of your media response, and facilitates straightforward and flexible processing. The platform supports relevant information from all media channels (print, online, radio, TV, social media and news ticker). The information is processed, analysed, distributed and archived. We support you with a range of tried and tested functions and a clearly structured design – the most effective solution for integrated media monitoring!



ARGUSavenue features

New functions make your everyday work easier 
ARGUSavenue opens up new ways of processing your content. 
In addition to tried and tested functions from existing solutions, our machine analysis functions are a key development for the rapid evaluation of text content. These functions include the automatic summarising of similar articles, and sentiment analysis, which allows for an automatic evaluation of positive and negative articles for the first time ever.




ARGUSavenue concept

A well thought-out system for your information requirements

ARGUSavenue replaces the existing ARGUS platforms. The software, which has been newly developed from scratch, both enables the integration of the existing products in a single environment and provides the ideal starting point for further development in the years to come. Important benefits for customers include the simplification of everyday working processes and conscious openness to external data.

Open system

Open to new ideas – your own data can be incorporated into ARGUSavenue

Virtually no media monitoring company can analyse all possible media content and sources for the customer. This is why ARGUS has decided to make its system as open as possible to third-party data. This includes adding links to sources ordered from other suppliers, along with content contributed by customers themselves (e.g. via an RSS feed). There is also a focus on options for connecting to other data sources, such as those from market research or public access databases (known as open data). 

System excellence

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tze)
By launching ARGUSavenue, ARGUS is taking its first important step. We are already working hard to improve existing functions and define new modules. To ensure that we continue to develop as efficiently as possible, ARGUS has set up an internal IT development team, and external partners are also on hand to provide specialist expertise. We can only achieve the excellence we are striving for if users provide us with feedback. We therefore encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions with us.